5 Great Shopping Tips

5 Great Shopping TipsSure, I enjoy stuffing my car trunk with bags of fabulous finds on occasions. But finding fabulous finds without breaking the bank brings greater pleasure. Let’s face it, it’s a new economy and many are looking for creative, cost saving ways to spend less while scoring more. That’s why I thrift. I make. I retail (in that order… lol). Here are 5 tips to help you score fabulous finds and build that fabulous wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.

1. Shop Off Season – Some of the best deals you can ever score happens when you scourer the racks at your favorite stores off-season. This means shopping for summer clothes in the winter. Applying this basic shopping principle can save you anywhere from 50-75% off the original price. The downside to this is that your options may be no easy pickings. Often times, these racks would have been rummaged through before you would have had you chance. Calling your favorite stores to find out when they do their off-season mark downs could help you get first dibs.

2. Consider Thrifting – Thrifting or consignment

Womens Love Affair With Luxury Handbags

Luxury HandbagsThere is no doubting the fact that women have an ongoing love affair with luxury handbags. Purse blogs or e-magazines and comments on purse forums indicate that some women are actually obsessed with them. There are women who actually own hundreds of luxury handbags which collectively are worth thousands of dollars. Social media and Dr Google publish images of the well-to-do, celebrities and royals who are seen out and about with different bag for each outfit. They come in various colors to match each shade and style of their outfits.

It is easy for the rich and famous, celebrities and royals have to have a large collection of luxury handbags. But the typical working woman or the stay at home mum can hardly afford to pay such high prices to realise her dream. The actuality is that most bag-loving women will go without other things in order to fulfil her desire for a new bag.

What sacrifice would you have been prepared to make to bid for the Hermes Birkin which recently sold at auction for over $200,000? Made of exquisite pink crocodile skin, it is adorned

Choosing a Dress With Ease That Will Flatter Any Figure

Choosing a Dress With Ease That Will Flatter Any FigureIt’s that time of year again where women will be flocking to the stores, both online and off to find women’s party dresses that will impress and flatter them. It can be tricky to find one or more dresses that are versatile and fun as well as comfortable.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, each beautiful in their own way. By following a few simple rules any woman can show off her assets and feel like a hit at the myriad of holiday parties she’ll be attending in 2015.

All women know that a great fitting dress is invaluable. It channels beauty, confidence and style all in one. Once she knows what body type she has the rest is quite easy.

The Basic Body Types

Apple, banana, pear and hourglass are the four figure types that most women fall into. Here is a description of the four to help better figure which one is closest to her shape and make it easier for her to shop for women’s party dresses. Though there are variations to these

Four Ways To Style A Scarf

Scarves are basically a rectangular piece of fabric. But their style and functionality are undeniable. Men’s scarves have been around since 2000 years and have been an important part of military uniform, from the Terracotta Warriors of China to modern-day aviators. In winters, scarves serve an important function- that of keeping your neck warm, the part of your body that loses the most heat. In addition, by tying the scarf in various ways, you can add flair to your winter attire. Not sure how to go about with the different knots and drapes? Here are four simple ways to tie your scarf and look dashing on a cold winter’s day or evening.

Parisian Knot

Scarf tying styles are of different kinds. The most popular way to tie a scarf, the Parisian Knot is used by lots of men. The requirement here is a long scarf. Start with folding the scarf in such a way that it becomes half of its original length. Hand the folded scarf across your neck, keeping the loose and looped ends across your chest. Next, pull the loose ends through the loop and tighten the loop into a knot around your neck.

Get Fit With Trendy Workout Clothing

As the world becomes more health conscious, the need for looking good while working out will continue to grow exponentially. Until now, men and women wore whatever they were most comfortable in when they worked out, but now trendy fitness fashion has come to stay. Now, you can buy activewear for men and women and be comfortable and stylish in it. They are so trendy that they can be worn outside of the gym too!

This trendy activewear is typified by its vibrant colors, graphics and material that keeps sweat away. Materials are breathable and light, so they don’t become burdensome on you while you sweat during a workout. They are usually made of spandex, nylon and mesh so that you can gain maximum maneuverability while working out. They are also made slim-fitting so that you can be as mobile in them as possible. These clothes are lightweight, a necessary ingredient for exercises like yoga, Pilates, running or cycling.

While fitness fashion fulfills the need that specific exercises demand, they also come with great looks, making them functional. You can find these clothes in plenty in online stores. For tops, you can choose from Onzie Hot

Stock Up on Dresses for Warmer Months and Be Ready for Summer

It’s long been a trend to shop for summer dresses in the fall and winter in order to secure awesome deals and then have a whole new wardrobe to enjoy when the weather warms up. When shopping with the right retailer a woman will have no worries that she’ll still be on trend in the coming seasons.

Summer dresses come in all styles that will flatter and impress wherever one goes. Learn about the latest trends in summer fashion and then shop with confidence. Keeping it simple is always the best bet because she can always dress up the style later with jewellery and accent pieces.

Basic White

The basic white sundress is perfect for any occasion. Picnic dates, work, summer parties and even weddings are appropriate places for a white dress as long as a scarf or hat sets her apart from the bride.

White is classy and crisp. White summer dresses look adorable with a flower headband and earth toned purse and hat. They also wear well with boots for a country concert or sandals for a summertime walk.

Pleated Mini

The pleated mini is perfect for showing off those

Picking the Perfect Pair of Girls Jeans for Your Tween

Clothes shopping for adolescent girls is a challenge for any parent. Your suddenly fashion-conscious tween is too mature for the children’s department, but not yet ready for women’s clothing stores. You want clothes that are durable, age appropriate, and budget friendly, while your child wants something trendy and comfortable. When these desires conflict, dressing room drama often ensues.

Girls jeans are a must-have wardrobe staple for any preteen, but finding a pair that both you and your child can be happy with is sometimes easier said than done. However, knowing which style options are available and which to avoid can help you select the perfect pair for your preteen. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for girls jeans.

The Rise

The rise of a pair of jeans refers to where the waistband sits on the body. A natural rise will sit at or just above the navel, giving the wearer a good deal of coverage. However, most tweens will reject this option as an unfashionable “mom jeans” look. A low rise sits below the navel but above the hips, while a super-low rise sits at the hips and an ultra-low rise sits below

How to Dress Up Beyond the Dress

If you hate to shop then you most likely run out of steam after finding the clothes – accessories seem way too overwhelming to consider. Then when the day of the event arrives and you get dressed you wish you had found the time and energy to go the extra mile!

I’ll make it easy for you! Let’s talk about coats and shrugs and handbags, oh my!

Keeping Warm

Yes, women are wearing sleeveless all year round even in the frigid northeast winters, but if you, like me, cannot bear the thought of shivering all evening or grabbing an old, worn out cardigan from your dresser or even having some poor man take pity on you and throw his jacket over your shoulders, then planning ahead a bit will help.

Whether you are wearing a dress or pants with a sleeveless top, here are some ideas:

A gorgeous jacket can dress up a basic little black dress. If it is nicely fitted it will look good over a dress, with black pants or a pair of dark wash (or black) jeans. All you need is pretty earrings and a bracelet, if you

Personalized T Shirts Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Holly and reindeer, Santa and candy canes, whatever one wants to throw together and call a holiday t-shirt they can get it when they choose to screen print. Screen printing is becoming more popular as time goes by, as the quality of products in 2015 is much better than in years past. One can take advantage of the cheapest screen printing for t-shirts and still end up with something that looks off a store shelf and will last for many years.

The best news is that one doesn’t have to visit a vacation spot like the boardwalk in New Jersey or a theme park to design a screen printed t-shirt. All they have to do is visit a quality online retailer. Most provide and easy method to help design the product and the prices are still quite low.

Here are some great ideas for the cheapest screen printing on t-shirts for the upcoming holiday festivities. Expect to be the hit of any party, or to give the most unique gift possible.

Funny Holiday T-shirts

If attending a party for work or with friends, one may want to consider one of these hilarious t-shirts to

Benefits in Terms of Quality You Get on Buying Designer Shoes

Men care a lot about their reputation and personality. Appearance and quality of the shoes and clothes men wear determine the personality for men. Men nowadays have plenty of reasons to turn to designers for their wardrobe. Each designer brand has its own repute, liking and perceptions depending upon the quality among the people, so the brand you choose to wear says a lot about your personality ultimately. Men needs to be peculiar about the brand they wear because the right brand would create the right impression. Designer shoes may cost more than the local shoe but there is a lot of difference in the quality as well.

Designer Footwear Quality

Before, the shoes actually go into the making there is a thorough background research that takes place initially entering into the manufacturing phase. The right soles, the right jump, the right comfort fit, the quality of the products used should be top notch. Probably, that’s the reason why designer footwear last longer. These shoes last longer and are worth the investment. It is better to buy a pair of designer footwear than buying a shoe pair with a compromise on quality.

The Right Shoes

How to Choose Perfect Cool Hoodies for Men

When buying the cool hoodies for men, one always has the most overwhelming range of options. While considering the motive for wearing the hoodie can be an important aspect, making a fashion statement can also be the criterion. A consideration to comfort in the chilling whether with either a get a zipped or pullover options is also important. Lastly, it is the fabric of choice that makes a hoodie interesting for the buyer. While design, fabric, fashionable look and comfort arrangements are endless to offer wide variety of choices in hoodies for men, selecting the right one needs a focus on your preference. Let us have a look at some of the common types of hoodies.

Universal hoodies

A classic hoodie which is nothing but a hooded sweater has a universal appeal. Though there have been a wide range of changes in hoodie design keeping in conformity with the evolution of style and fit, the universally accepted classic hooded design still retains its popularity. Typically, the classic design that makes a sweater turned into a hoodie by attaching a hood has been popular for ages.

Hoodie to make a fan following

Yes, there are

What to Wear for a Business Holiday Party

When is the Party?

    • Week night parties (late afternoon or right after work) tend to be more casual. No one expects you to go home and change clothes for these events, so you are wearing the same outfit to the party as worn for work all day. Men can add a dress jacket and/or tie. Women can also add a dress jacket, and may consider changing shoes (more on this later).
    • Afternoon (weekend) parties are a popular option for family friendly events. Dressing young children in adorable matching outfits, darling festive dresses, and handsome suits with vests will trigger cuteness overload. To keep the kids happy and dressed, make sure these outfits are comfortable and allow them to participate in any games or events so they are happy to stay in the cute outfits the entire time.
  • Saturday night events are the wildcard, heavily dependent on the location.

Where is the Party?

    • Outdoors? Yes, there are holiday parties that are held outside. Several years ago I attended a company party at the Phoenix Zoo (temperature was in the 50’s). There were heaters and hot chocolate to keep guests warm-ish. Coats, shoes (many boots),

10 Clothes That Make You Look Gorgeous Almost Instantly

Harry Winston once said, “People will stare, Make it worth their while.” Dressing up can always leave you with amazing confidence. After all, slipping into your favourite outfit is the best thing that you can do! Here are few pieces of clothing that will make you feel and look more attractive almost instantly. So read on!

Push up Bras

Wearing a push-up bra will give the required push to your personality and confidence. They make your breast look better than before and are way comfortable than other bras. So pick one up and choose to look better than ever.


Every time when you plan to wear jeggings or jeans, do you worry about the visible panty lines? Well not anymore. Replace your regular underwear with throngs and your butt will look beyond gorgeous.

Crop Tops

If you have gorgeous figure and skin, don’t be afraid to show it. If you are uncomfortable baring your tummy, you can pair up a cute little crop top with a high waisted skirt or jeans and you will still look attractive.

Yoga Pants

They are the ruling trend of the season for a

Best Tips to Accessorize Your Black Dress for Various Occasions

Black dress, the most basic and essential element of a women’s wardrobe, makes a woman look elegant and sexy, to which most of the women and fashion observers agree. Be it any occasion, black dresses boost the glam quotient and looks classy. A Black dress being versatile can be dressed up alone or with other suitable accessories, depending on the occasions, for carrying different looks every time with the same dress.

Here are some ways you can style your black dress for different occasions with different looks.

Christmas Party: Choose red heels to team with your black dress. Sparkle and bling is welcome as it’s party time. Red earrings or crystal drops look damn gorgeous and sexy. A red belt and clutch will complete the look. Red lips make you look even more gorgeous.

Holiday Gettogether: Invited to a holiday get-together and confused about what to wear? A black dress is the best option. Black looks classy with beige or nude color. Pick a pair of classy beige or nude shoes to complement your dress. A black clutch with some bling to bring out the holiday feel is essential. Regarding jewellery, a pair of sparkling

Dress Neckline And Hairstyles That Go Best With Them

New Year’s is a just a couple of days away. This is the time when you want to look your best. Starting from the top to your toes, your look must complement the entire get up. Generally, women prefer gowns or dresses for parties. In fact, women ooze sexiness, killer attitude and confidence with those elegant party dresses.

However, to look really awesome, you need to work on your overall look and going for the best dress is not enough! The combination of dresses and tresses together brings an undeniably stunning feminine charm. There are a variety of party dresses for women that you can find online. Choose the most desirable one and get a matching hairstyle if you want to turn some heads.

Match Your Hairstyle With A Party Dress Neckline:

Strapless: A variety of hairstyles go with strapless neckline dresses. But, hair with free falling curls or a messy bun suit the most. Free falling curls are the rage now and they generally bring out the most in strapless party dresses. It directly draws the attention to the collarbone, which looks utterly gorgeous.

V-neckline: A V-neckline dress gives you a

The 4 Common Types of Leather Used to Create Accessories

As stated in the common saying that a man is known by the shoes he wears, it stands true for most because they feel that a good pair of shoes completes them. Whatever the occasion it may be whether casual or formal, the right pair of shoes is bound to compliment the mood. There are a variety of shoes that you can choose from such as slippers, casual shoes, sandals, formal shoes, boat shoes, boots, etc. Shoes are in general made of leather, fabric and other similar material that fits snugly onto your feet and thus making you feel comfortable while you wear it. The leather is one such material that makes the best shoes that last longer than shoes made of any other fabric. It too has varied classifications that categorise its quality as well as its price.

• Calf leather – The skin obtained from calves aged between two to three years having soft skin are used to create varied leather products that are highly priced due to limited availability. High-quality shoes, bags, leather, gloves, etc. are made out of this skin. As it is a product that has a high demand but lesser availability,

Latest Trends of Handbags

Handbags are a trend these days and this applies to both ladies and men. Handbags come in many types of designs, colors, textures and patterns. This means that as a customer or an end user there will be a lot of choices for you to choose from. These choices will enable you to make a good selection and get the best handbag for your use. Handbags can also be bought by using the online facility and online selling websites. These websites make it very easy for shoppers to select the handbag of their choice as there are numerous bags for you to choose from.

Trends of 2016

This New Year necessarily means reinvention for a lot of people but also luckily fashion. If in case you aren’t the person who shops very obsessively and cleans out the closet, now would surely be a good time for a revamp. A new bag might also be an easiest place to start the change in trend. Some tips have been stated below.

• You can start with buying a new bag. This new bag must be in compliance with the latest trends that are in existence at this

Everything You Need To Know About Best Friend T-Shirts

We are proud of our best friends and want to do almost anything together. One of the ways of showing your friendship is having matching t-shirts. To make the outfits interesting and fun you need to have interesting designs.

Best Friend t-shirt designs

Here are some of the interesting designs that you should think about:

My Bae, My boo: You should have the sign “My Bae” on one t-shirt and “My Boo” on the other. To make it more fun you should have arrows on the outfits showing the direction of your best friend.

Best Babes: as best friends you are babes and you should let the world know about it by having “Best Babes” t-shirts. All you need to do is to approach a high quality designer and ask him/her to in script the words, “Best” and “Babes” on two different t-shirts. To create identical looks you should dye your hair the same colour and wear matching pants.

Avocado friendship: an avocado is a healthy fruit and having it on both of your outfits is a sign of a healthy relationship. You should have one half of an avocado on one t-shirt

5 Tips To Build A Fabulous Wardrobe On A Budget

I have loved clothing for as long as I can remember. I will go for fancy clothing no matter how much they cost. If you want to have a great wardrobe without spending an arm and a leg, you may want to benefit from my experience. Below are 5 tips from me that can help you.

1. Start with what you already have in your wardrobe

Go through your closet and get rid of all the outfits you have not worn in years. The junk in your closet will only make it harder for you to choose the stuff you really want to put on. From that point on, you will be with the clothes you really want to put on. This is the starting point.

2. Sell your old outfits

When you are going through your closet, you should put aside the clothes you don’t want anymore. It is a good idea to sell them online provided they are in really good condition. This will provide you with some money to build your new wardrobe.

3. Go for mix-and-match pieces

Once you have got a lot of good pieces to

Guide On How To Dress To A Club

Clubs are all about fun and making an impression. Are you going out tonight? Here is a guide on the best outfits to wear to the club:

Sexy miniskirt

A miniskirt shows your legs giving you a sexy look. At the same time it gives you enough room to move on the dance floor. You should find a skirt that looks great on you and wear it with a long or short-sleeved blouse.

If you want a soft look you should add some femininity by wearing a flirty, pleated skirt.

While a miniskirt is beautiful and sexy, you should be cautious when wearing it. For example, you should avoid wearing a skirt that is too short thus giving you an ugly look.

To create a well-proportioned look you should balance the outfit. For example, you shouldn’t wear a short skirt with a too revealing top.

Shorts and pants

You should go with a design that fits your style. For example, you can go for leather pants and crop top. You can also wear a pair of skinny jeans and a plunging V-neck top.

If you are into shorts you can